Rules and Policies


  • No skateboards or roller blades on campus.
  • Bikes and non-motorized scooters must be walked on the school grounds at all times.  After school, students should walk bikes on the sidewalk.  All students under the age of 14 must wear a helmet.  IT'S THE LAW.
  • When an incident occurs, tell the adult supervisor on duty first.
  • Students will be responsible for upholding PBIS Matrix and the student handbook.
  • No equipment is to be brought from home.  This includes: toys, radios, dangerous objects, gum, candy, soda, or Pokemon cards,
  • Once at school, students may not leave campus during the day without parental permission.

Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for a more detailed description of Oakwood's expectations for pupil behavior and discipline.


When not wearing an Oakwood Husky T-shirt, or a coveted Top Dog T-shirt, students should follow the Oakwood School Dress Code is as stated below:

  1. No clothing that depicts or promotes violence, profanity, sex, gangs, drugs, smoking or alcohol.
  2. No clothing that is excessively revealing: 
    • Shoulders, stomach, and underwear must be covered
    • Shorts must be fingertip length
    • No sagging pants/shorts
    • No tank tops
  3. Only Oakwood Hats or Beanies or Navy blue and white hats are allowed at school.  Hats and beanies may be purchased in the office.
  4. No sagging pants are to be worn below the waistline, and/or low enough to reveal undergarments.  Straps on overalls must be fastened.
  5. Only closed toe shoes and closed heel shoes are allowed due to safety reasons and P.E.
  6. No clothing that advocates racial, ethnic or religious prejudice.
  7. No make-up.
  8. Piercings and heavy jewelry are a safety concern and are not allowed.
  9. Any other clothing which the administrators determine to be inappropriate or distracting.