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LCAP Parent Survey



School Begins on Monday, July 31st.  

School opens at 7:30 for breakfast in the cafeteria.  Please do not drop off students before 7:30. There is no teacher supervision until 7:30.

Students arriving after 7:45 will walk to the blacktop.

Drop Off is located on Stonewood Drive

All Kindergarteners will be picked up at 7:55 in the cafeteria.

All other students must line up on the black top by their classroom numbers at 8:00.


Pick Up-1st-6th grade-Dismissal 1:59


Stonewood Drive pick up

Student will line up on the wall.  Please pull forward and wait for the teachers to load your child.  

DO NOT WALK ACROSS PARKING LOT to pick up your child.

Parents that are walking to pick up please wait on the kindergarten side of the fence to pick up your child.

Students that are walking/riding home may exit here.  Please do not ride your bikes on campus


Park Exit.

Student may exit through the park to be picked up or walk/ride home.   No students may exit through the main gates. 


Kindergarten Dismissal-12:25-12:40

If Driving..

Pull forward and wait for a teacher to bring your child to your car.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN DRIVE THRU.


If walking..

line up along kindergarten fence and a teacher will dismiss your child to you.

If you arrive after 12:40 your child will be in the office waiting for you.

Oakwood's Mission and Vision Statements


Oakwood Elementary educates students to become successful, productive members of society.


Oakwood Students will grow and succeed in a safe environment that provides quality instruction, embraces diversity, and promotes Husky pride in partnership with parents and the community.

Oakwood School serves students in kindergarten

through sixth grade on a modified traditional calendar.



Richard Perez - Principal

Lindsay Streeter - Vice-Principal


Front Office:
Johanna Miner- Principal's Secretary

Debbi Plinski- Typist/Clerk

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